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Brennan Richard Wegener

A Journey to the Light

Man's Journey from Darkness... 
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Brennan Wegener’s story is one that will not only open your eyes to the evil that exists in our world, but one that details the hope that only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ provides. Brennan’s story is one of imperfection, failures, and daily struggles, but also a story of survival, of perseverance, and faith.

Follow Brennan on this journey as he peels back the vulnerability of years of drug addiction, and of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse that began when he was just a young child. His road to recovery is still in process and teeming with constant depression and anxiety, bouts of PTSD, and episodes of traumatic brain injuries.

While Brennan has, and continues to face battles, there is one constant in his life; the deep love that Jesus Christ has for him. This love of Jesus that has carried him through is free and available to ALL.

A Disabled Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran, Brennan served in the United States Air Force Security Forces. Now Honorably Discharged, he lives in Wisconsin with his two boys Landen and Isaiah, and PTSD Service Dog, Midnight.

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and
give you a heart of flesh.” Ezekiel 36:36


For More on Brennan’s story can be found on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

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A Journey to the Light...

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A Testimony of Faith, is a beautifully written and compelling testament to the author's courage and faith. I often had the feeling that he was here in my room telling me his story. While some of his stories concern the hardships he, her family and her friends encountered, there is no sense of complaint or self-pity. What a resilient person Brennan is, and what a remarkable and inspirational book.  A Testimony of Faith is! 

MSGT Evans U.S Air Force


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